This installation consists of 324 luminescent lines in a black room. Evenly distributed yarn threads define the edges of a floating dice with an edge length of 180 centimetres. These threads are moved by a fan and fluoresce under UV light. This results in steady yet not homogeneous movements: a visual rhythm. Three-dimensionality is solely represented by luminescent lines so that the space around it takes a backseat. The onlooker's attention is focussed on the rhythmic, wave-like movement. If one fixates a single point within the sculpture, the spatial effect disappears so that it creates the impression of a two-dimensional line graphic. The yarn threads were all cut to the same length and dyed black on each end to emphasize the floating effect. The room was lined with black fabric. The threads are attached to a grid, which allows for them to be distributed evenly. At the bottom, weights made of lead shot provide stability. Threads that are close to the fan are equipped with bigger weights than the ones that are farther away. A swivel-mounted fan puts them into a complex, wave-like motion.